I have represented oil and gas operators and companies in all transactions, including buying and selling minerals and oil and gas leases or fractional interests in oil and gas leases.  I have clients that purchase oil and gas leases from mineral owners and represent the oil and gas company in all of its operations.

I have organized oil and gas companies and act as general counsel for the company drawing up oil and gas leases from the operator’s view.    I have also organized service companies that provide services to the oil and gas industry including directional drilling.   Service companies in the oil and gas industry usually are required to  be approved on oil company’s MSA (Master Service Agreement).  I have assisted in filling out and securing approval of such MSA’s.

If you are wanting to get in the oil and gas business, now is the perfect time; after the dramatic reduction in the price of oil starting in October, 2014.  While the selling price of oil is down, costs are down as well and the industry seems poised for a turnaround to positive times.  Over leverged and poorly managed companies will not likely survive.  Contrast that with those companies that are conservatively managed and adequately capitalized; they are ideally situated to take market share.